During these crazy Covid times I decided to start my own business but I’ve wanted to do something that I loved for a while…I was already a collector and curator of vintage fashion and secondhand designer clothing and I like the idea of recycling old materials, combining them, adding to them and making a new garment. I like to customise individual pieces drawing on Disney, drag, designer and Geekery influences.

I had amassed a collection having been vintage, charity and bargain clothing shopping for many months during Covid. I had sourced a secondhand 1970’s Swiss Bernina sewing machine in order to help me achieve my goals and customise the clothing accordingly. I am passionate about fashion and design and over the years I have been everything from a fashion designer, jewellery designer, interior designer and graphics designer. I have worked all over the world from Malta to London to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I even did some work for Disney at one point! Which was awesome and I’ve kept the email to this day so I can say that Disney knew who I was at one point lol!

My Idols are people like Frida Kahlo, David Bowie and the fashion icon Iris. I have a passion for fashion! I love dressing people up and I adore making them feel good about themselves and I especially love doing bespoke orders that bring joy to people’s lives with one off pieces. I’m working on a special garment for Margot Robbie who I understand bought the rights to the tank girl movie (which will be awesome!). I love the original with Lori petty and I think having seen Margot Robbie‘s take on Harley Quinns fantastic movie she will do the remake or the follow on movie justice. I’m also holding out hope that she wants a no name weirdo to play jet lol!

I would love to see a celebrity in one of my pieces with everything happening in the world and people suffering and dying during this horrible pandemic, you realise how short life is and there is no excuse not to live every day to the fullest and try and do what you love and make the most out of life. So I thought I’d have a go and see what happens and I’m hoping that the public at large or even just one person out there with similar interests for colours, pattern or any of my influences would like any of my garments and maybe even purchase one. I’m a bit different and out there but I figure why limit myself and be like everyone else who’s afraid to express themselves? I would rather paint with all the different colours in the crayola box and enjoy life and not worry about what people think. Opinion are like arseholes, everyone’s got one but keep it to yourself please!

I’m gonna make and design what makes me happy and hopefully some others out there too.

Much love,
Mia x